6 Steps to Efficient and Effective Planning of Furniture and Home Living

Furniture and home living can very well be described as two sides of the same coin.  They complement each other.  In fact, one is left incomplete without the other.  How so?  Well, you really don’t go looking for furniture unless you have a living space and once you have living space, it really does not become a home living space until and unless you furnish it.


Your House does not become your home unless you spend time and effort in making it your home living space. 

Yes, but at any point in time, you will find it hard to say, that your home is now perfect and will not need any kind of changes or modifications. 

After all, as a person, you are constantly evolving and along-with this, you will find the need to change or redo your living space, at regular intervals. 

But isn’t this an expensive proposition?  Yes, it most definitely is.  But, at the same time cannot be avoided either.  At the most, you could defer it by some time.  But, not indefinitely, 

Also, you certainly cannot dispute the fact, that your tastes change over a period of time, so you would not want to be stuck with the same furniture for very many years.

Add to this is the fact that furniture, most often is not built to last a lifetime.  There is bound to be wear and tear.  So, it is definitely prudent to upgrade or change your furniture periodically.

Reasons to Change your Furniture:

Yes, the reasons to change or procure or redo your existing furniture (https://www.danetti.com/) could be large and myriad and based on individual needs. 

But generally speaking, these are a few typical reasons to go in for a transformation:

·         Shift in living space due to work compulsions.  You may be required to shift your base either for a limited period of time or the change may involve a larger time frame like a few years.

·         Upgrading to a much larger living space.

·         You move in to a smaller living space due to the fact that you need to be closer to work.  This implies that you will need to pick on furniture that is basic yet functional.

·         Major life changing experiences like marriage; separation; birth of a child will require you to have a relook at your existing furniture to make it baby proof.  At the same time, elderly parents moving in to be with you will again need you to consider getting more friendly furniture, rather than the funky sofa that you possess.

·         Damage due to wear and tear or natural calamities like earthquakes and floods or simple overuse and ageing furniture.

·         Change in individual preferences.  Let us consider the scenario, where kids have grown up and no longer require that baby cot or the bunk bed.

The reasons will always be many.  But the fact is that furniture is an integral and an expensive part of home living needs.  If not planned well, it could mean that you are left with quite much a gaping hole in your pocket and being unhappy at the same time.

Tips to plan your furniture and home living efficiently and effectively

The efficient and effective management of furniture and home living is imperative in today’s day and age. 

It is equally important that you are able to procure the furniture of your choice while at the same time ensuring its aesthetic as well as economic value. 

This is not an arduous task. All it requires is that you are well planned and go about this task after much research and deliberation:

Ø  Set your thinking real and practical

Simple living need not necessarily mean making compromises.  Simple living can epitomise smart and intelligent home living while having all the necessities.   In the scenario that you have to shift homes due to career or educational commitments, look out for spaces that suit your requirements. 

Put very simply, if it is a question of you living alone, cut out on the fringes.  Settle down for an accommodation that is not unduly large.  This in turn will bring down your costs for furnishing this.  A smaller living space implies that you won’t need too much of paraphernalia. 

Pick up simple, but useful stuff and you will be sorted.  Avoid the clutter.

Ø  Share Your Costs

When you need to look at a home living space for just yourself, why not consider sharing it.  This will considerably bring down your cost of living by practically half.  This apart even the cost of furnishing the house gets lower. 

Alternatively, you can also consider the concept of living as a paying guest.  This gives you the option of furnishing only your bit of space and not the entire accommodation.  Here, again you can look for deals in the market for your specified needs like a study table or a bed and optimise your savings.

Ø  Furniture on Rent

This concept is fast gaining popularity.  Hiring or renting furniture is especially gaining strength among youngsters working on projects or even among individuals who are required to relocate because of job commitments. 

Renting furniture has so many advantages.  Firstly, if you look to rent out an accommodation that is not furnished, your expense towards home rentals comes down many notches.  This allows you to seek out furniture that suits your style and need.  Again, here buying furniture can be an option, but then again this will involve some amount of time and energy.  Renting furniture for your home living is definitely more economical.  What with rentals ranging between Rs3500-4000/- per month, you can furnish your entire home.

Additionally, furniture rental companies give you the option of either hiring for longer periods, or, you are also permitted to change your furniture at shorter intervals.  This is definitely a value added feature, as every time you change your furniture, your home gets a new look.  All of this at literally a steal.  Also saves you the cost involved in case you need to shift homes.  The cost of transporting your goods can be quite intimidating, and, added to this is the risk of damage.

Ø  Neutral Colour Scheme and design of furniture

If, in the event that you decide to purchase furniture, it is always a safer option to stick to the more neutral hues such as brown, ebony, rosewood etc.  Reason being, this colour will aid in blending your furniture in almost any setting.  So, at the time of relocation or renovation of the accommodation, you will not really have to invest in furniture all over again.

While we are at the aspect, remember it is always beneficial if you stick to picking furniture with designs that are easy to work with and will not look out of place in any kind of set up.

Ø  Maintenance

Always ensure that while picking your furniture for your home living, consider the aspect of maintenance.  Anything that requires larger amount of care can be avoided.  Say for example, lighter colours will need extra and frequent care. 

So always advisable to go in for simple yet aesthetically appealing and functional furniture.

Ø  Insuranc

You also have the provision of insuring your furniture.  Most furniture insurance policies offer cover against structural defects and accidental damages. 

This aspect is crucial at the time of relocation and transporting your furniture. 

So, here are six tips that can help ease your concerns with regards to furniture and home living.  Keeping these in mind, will certainly aid with a dealing with the why’s and how’s of furniture and home living.